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Christina offers workshops for community groups and organisations looking for valuable personal and professional development training. To see what workshops are currently running click here or request a private workshop

The focus of Christina’s work is to support  people to thrive, flourish and have fulfilling and happy lives. Christina is passionate about empowering people to change the way they think in order to change the way they feel and behave, based on cognitive behaviour theory.

Workshops can be specifically designed to meet the needs of your team or community and vary in length.
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Personal and Professional Development Workshops

Positive change occurs when we learn something new. LLYL offers a variety of workshops to support people to grow, overcome problems and achieve goals. Some workshop outlines are offered below. Workshops can also be designed to meet the specific needs of your team or community. Contact us for more information or a workshop outline.

Overcoming Daily Stressors: Emotional Regulation
Daily hassles causing stress may seem trivial, yet when accumulated they can have detrimental effects on health. Learn skills to reduce stress and increase positive emotions to improve health and happiness.

Leading a Life You Love: Achieving Happiness 
Learn what happiness is, what is isn’t i and how to achieve it. Learn new skills and techniques to achieve happiness and minimise stress.

Creating New Habits: Sustainable Behaviour Change
How to achieve goals, stop unwanted behaviours and start new behaviours that last! The science behind behaviour change, habits and techniques for sustainable change.

Self-care & Well-being
This workshop offers strategies to achieve mental health and well-being. It includes an overview of creating sustainable behaviour change and the importance of self-care.

Beating Your To Do List: Strategies for Managing High Workloads and Busy Lives
An interactive workshop to help you achieve more in less time, prioritise what is important and feel satisfied at the end of the day. Gain strategies for tackling your to do list, minimising stress, and becoming more efficient.  

Creating Positive Emotions for Adolescence
An interactive workshop designed to support youth well-being. Teaching skills to develop positive emotions, regulate and manage difficult emotions, overcome stress and challenges and build resilience.  


Change is the end result of all true learning – Leo Buscaglia