Christina Bond | Psychologist

Throughout our lives, we all go through similar challenges in a unique way. It’s useful to continue learning new strategies, and practice the ones we have, to overcome these challenges. I love teaching about psychological well-being, happiness, emotional regulation and health, to help people enjoy this short, sweet time we have on earth.

I am a registered psychologist, currently working with adolescents at a secondary school in Canterbury. I also provide personal and professional development workshops, grounded in evidence-based research and practices. I have worked at the Mental Health Education and Resource Centre in various roles since 2011, currently as a well-being facilitator. After studying for a decade at University and travelling and living overseas, I’m now achieving my dream of helping others lead lives they love.

MSc, MBM, PGDipHSc, PGCertNFPM, BA (Hons), Member: NZPsS, ANZCBT

Leading a Life You Love Limited

Leading a Life You Live was established in 2017. It was set up to help people make positive changes in their lives. Christina the founder, is passionate about helping others live happy and healthly lives through sharing information about how changes in our thinking can lead to significant positive changes in our lives. Christina is particularly interested in emotional regulation, overcoming stress, creating new habits and behaviour change. Christina provides fee for service  workshops to support people increase their health and happiness.

My mission is to help people enhance their quality of life through sharing how changes in our thinking can create sustainable changes in our behaviour, leading to happier, healthier lives.