to help people create lives they love.

Christina delivers workshops to help people overcome a variety of life’s challenges and create positive sustainable change.

Kia Ora, I’m Christina, a registered psychologist and well-being facilitator.  I have studied for over a decade to achieve my dream of helping others lead lives they love. I deliver community and workforce professional development workshops.

I love my job. I am delighted to work with people with the goal of improving their health and happiness, overcoming stress, enhancing emotional regulation skills,  gaining self-awareness, strengthening communication, achieving personal goals and getting unstuck.  I am passionate about delivering educational personal and professional development workshops for adolescents and adults.

MSc, MBM, PGDipHSc, PGCertNFPM, BA (Hons), Member: NZPsS, ANZCBT



A disciplined mind leads to happiness
an undisciplined mind leads to suffering – Dalai Lama